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A mark of quality: DOMEA certification
DoRIS is certified by DOMEA (Document Management and Electronic Archive). DOMEA certification is a recognised mark of quality assurance for Document Management Systems (DMS) and Business Process applications. Such products offer a rich variety of tools and capabilities, but also often require high levels of investment – of both time and cost - in training and day-to-day operation.

The DoRIS Advantage
In contrast to many other products, DoRIS is a modular system which can be easily integrated into, for example, an existing eMail system to offer extended work process management. This can reduce the total configuration time by up to 80% - an obvious advantage for the customer. Flexible workflow processes adapted to the specific needs of the organisation can relieve the grind of daily paperwork and make more time available for qualitative assessment of information.

Made for Management
DoRIS was designed with management in mind and as such delivers a high level of efficiency at low cost. A core requirement for effective information classification within any document management system – electronic or otherwise – is to have a robustly defined file structure. DoRIS fulfils the technical demands of the governmental guidelines for editing and managing documents (Richtlinie für das Bearbeiten und Verwalten von Schriftgut in Bundesministerien – RegR) of 11.7.2001, as well as meeting the requirements of both the DOMEA concept and the General International Standard Archival Description (ISAD(G).

Enhanced Storage
DoRIS files and documents are available at the click of a button – wherever you happen to be working. DoRIS can adapt to existing work practices, delivering better search results at the same time as maximising
storage efficiency.

DoRIS is ideal for offering an incremental introduction to the electronic management of business procedures. One can, depending on requirements, add extra modules to extend the featureset. This means that over time the software can be expanded and adapted, and always kept up-to-date.

The newest version of DoRIS has been developed in Java so that it can run anywhere. DoRIS can be deployed with either Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or the open-source Postgresql as the back end database. The product is also compatible with the XDOMEA interface, exposing data in XML or PDF format.

DoRIS Editions

DoRIS is a modular, comprehensive system for information management and for business process administration. It fulfills the technical requirements of various levels of e-management: all the way from basic electronic filing to the implementation of complex business procedures. DoRIS is divided into discrete modules to facilitate an easy conversion from traditional paperwork to electronic document management. There are three levels to choose from, depending on the customer’s requirements at any given time:

DoRIS 7.0 Registrar
The DoRIS Registrar is a starting point for developing a computer-based procedure management system. The product includes everything needed for organising a fully-functioning Registrar.

DoRIS 7.0 Electronic Document Manager
This edition offers additional features for running a comprehensive electronic document managment system, including industry-standard ad hoc workflows etc.

DoRIS 7.0 Business Process Manager
This edition enables the integration of a taskoriented structured workflow, such as those designed by the Oracle BPEL Manager.

DoRIS Building Blocks

DoRIS is a comprehensive, efficient and taskoriented product, which impresses with its ease of installation, its compact lead-in time and its minimal training requirements. Here are the individual building blocks that make up the whole:

DoRIS Client
This is the information portal, where files, documents, procedures and search-requests are entered into the system. The DoRIS Client is the link between the user and the data, and it’s here that you find various aspects
of paper managment such as the filing system, appointments/reminders and ad hoc work processes.

DoRIS Webclient
This is a web-based alternative to the DoRIS Webclient. Implemented using the J2EE development platform, it is a fully internet-based solution that allows all aspects of the management process to be conducted independent of location.

DoRIS User Manager
This building block is used to define and control access rights and other parameter-based functions. It can also be used to alter the appearance of the DoRIS Client by, for example, hiding or deactivating certain features.

DoRIS Structured Storage
Using DoRIS Structured Storage, it couldn’t be easier to manage your storage system!

DoRIS Scanner
This modul is used to scan and tag documents electronically (e.g. with a barcode).

DoRIS uses background “agents” to provide extra efficiency. The OCR-Agent extracts text from scanned documents and saves it electronically, enabling the user to search for specific content.

DoRIS Import/Export
Use the DoRIS Import/Export module to transfer your data – files, documents, procedures – either as part of the initial import from an existing system or for other specific tasks that may arise.

DoRIS ConvEx-Agent
As with the OCR-Agent, the ConvEx-Agent extracts document content from files produced by e.g. Word or Excel, and in addition archives these items in an appropriate format (TIF or PDF). This guarantees that the data remains unchanged in its electronic state.

DoRIS eMail-Agent

This agent provides platform-independent data transfer by email.

DoRIS Import-Agent
This agent is also used for importing data, though it runs in the background and is configured to automate the import of data from prespecified locations.

DoRIS Archive Assistant
The DoRIS Archive Assistant was developed in conjunction with, and fully meets the requirements of, the Federal Archive (Bundesarchiv). It’s used to export and withdraw data in TIF, XML or PDF format.

DoRIS Webclient

Forward your files, documents or DoRIS ad hoc Workflow procedures to colleagues, signoff tasks electronically, or request further input – and all that in a cross-platform environment, locally, externally or over the internet. The DoRIS Webclient is there to facilitate the mobile worker and to keep you in touch wherever you are. Use the “Secure WEB-Logon” module as a convenient alternative to the traditional user-ID and password.


A national standardised protocol for the exchange of data has been defined and documented by the Cooperative Committee for Automated Data Processing (KoopA ADV). Data is exchanged in XML format to make it available as widely and as easily as possible.

DoRIS software combines the benefits of traditional- and electronic document handling. The XDOMEA interface has made the exchange of files and documents with other authorities even easier than before: using the DoRIS Import/Export module together with the DoRIS XDOMEA interface enables you to transfer metadata along with your source data, avoiding any lock-in to an existing workflow system provider.

But that’s not all. Since the DoRIS Web Client incorporates the XDOMEA interface, you can even take your data with you when you travel. Simply download the documents you need onto your laptop and open them with any recognised XDOMEA viewer.

DoRIS and Governmental Work Procedures

DoRIS incorporates a flexible workflow system that exactly meets the requirements of governmental agencies (signing-off, approval, circulation etc.). This “ad hoc” workflow can of course be adapted to suit the user’s needs, such as adding management-specific elements. For structured workflows, there exist interfaces to established, external tools such as the Oracle BPEL Designer.

DoRIS Archive Assistant

The federal archive laws specify that all documentation held by governmental agencies that is no longer actively needed should be withdrawn into the relevant archive, including that held in electronic form. The DoRIS Archive Assistant, developed in conjunction with the Federal Archive, allows the user to fulfill this obligation.

DoRIS - brought to you by HAESSLER

DoRIS is developed by HAESSLER, a company that has been active in the field of document management software since 1982. It was the first European company to be awarded the “IMC Award of Excellence” for innovative solutions from the International Information Management Congress, USA (AIIM). The aim of HAESSLER software products is to use modern tools and techniques to deliver increased administrative efficiency.

Partnering with DoRIS

The federal ministry of transport, buildung- and municipal development (BMVBS) requires a high level of efficiency in its administrative work, the results of which must be accessible by other governmental departments. DoRIS software – developed by HAESSLER in collaboration with the BMVBS – is made available to other agencies within the framework of the Kieler Resolution. This is a contractual agreement that governs the terms of further development, marketing, and the procurement of the software itself.

Deploying DoRIS

DoRIS is tuned to the demands of administration and information management and delivers high efficiency at low cost. It can be deployed within different domains and optimised accordingly. For example:

  • Ministries
  • Municipalities
  • Commissions
  • Banks and Insurance companies
  • Industry

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